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Empower Your Rad Tech Career with Better Shifts & Better Pay at NurseDash

Empower Your Rad Tech Career with Better Shifts & Better Pay at NurseDash Are you a skilled and certified Radiology Technologist (Rad Tech), searching for more than just a job in Austin, Texas or its surrounding areas? NurseDash is not just a staffing platform; it’s…

Revolutionizing Senior Care Staffing: The Preferred Solution to CNA Turnover

Revolutionizing Senior Care Staffing: The Preferred Solution to CNA Turnover In the fast-paced world of healthcare, maintaining a stable and skilled workforce is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care. However, the challenges of part-time Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) turnover have long plagued skilled nursing facilities…

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Staffing Success

Throughout the holiday and winter seasons, healthcare leaders face the annual challenge of balancing optimal staffing levels with maintaining high staff morale. The festive season can bring unpredictable staffing needs and increased demands on healthcare facilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into helpful tips…

How PRN Nursing Can Benefit Healthcare Facilities and Nurses

How PRN Nursing Can Benefit Healthcare Facilities and Nurses The shortage of nurses has been a growing concern, with many facilities facing similar challenges in meeting staffing demands. One 2023 survey by AMN Healthcare found that 94% of nurses report a severe or moderate shortage…

Empowering the Future of Nursing: How NurseDash’s Scholarship Supported Aareyionna’s LVN Journey

Empowering the Future of Nursing: How NurseDash’s Scholarship Supported Aareyionna’s LVN Journey In March 2023, Aareyionna Williams, a determined nursing student at The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) in Houston, TX, was awarded the Nursing Scholarship from the NurseDash Career Advancement Program. Set to…

Crockpot Taco Chili Recipe for Busy Nurses

Nursing is a demanding and noble profession that often comes with longer, unpredictable hours. Add loved ones and kids to the mix, and it can be a juggling act to balance work, family, and nutrition. That’s where our Crockpot Taco Chili recipe from supermom and…

Florida Assisted Living: Staffing Requirements and Regulations

Florida Assisted Living: Staffing Requirements and Regulations Operating a senior care facility in Florida comes with its own set of regulations and challenges, with staffing shortages being one of the most critical concerns faced by administrators and directors of nursing. Due to an overall lack…

Empowering Your Journey: Nurse Practitioner Laurie Beth DiMaggio’s Insight into the Nursing World

  As part of our commitment to bringing you inspiring stories and insights, NurseDash’s Career Advancement Program (CAP Hub) is thrilled to announce our July Fireside Chat featuring Laurie Beth DiMaggio, an accomplished Nurse Practitioner. Initiation into the Healthcare Realm: Laurie Beth, affectionately known as…

Prioritizing Self-Care: A Guide for Nursing Students

The CAP Hub understands that nursing school is a whirlwind. Between rising early for clinical rotations and studying late into the night, each day is a race against time. Stressful situations and dire outcomes for those in your care add to the demanding nature of…

Scholarship Recipient Aareyionna Williams: From a CNA to Aspiring Nurse Practitioner with NurseDash CAP Hub

Aareyionna Williams’ Journey into the Nursing World: Interview Highlights     Aareyionna’s career began at 18 when she acquired a CNA certificate and started working in a nursing home. As a result of this experience, her passion for nursing led to her enrollment in an…

Unlock Your Future in Healthcare: How NurseDash’s CAP Hub Can Elevate Your Career

Unlock Your Future in Healthcare: How NurseDash’s CAP Hub Can Elevate Your Career Entering the healthcare field can seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it solo. NurseDash’s Career Advancement Program (CAP Hub) is your ultimate resource to guide you through the path to…

5 Steps to Developing a Cost-Conscious Nursing Unit Budget that Prioritizes Quality Care & Staff Satisfaction

5 Steps to Developing a Cost-Conscious Nursing Unit Budget that Prioritizes Quality Care & Staff Satisfaction Balancing quality care and expenses is a relentless struggle that healthcare providers are all too familiar with. While patients are always the priority, inflation, wage pressures and lower reimbursement…

6 Tips for Surviving Nursing School

6 Tips for Surviving Nursing School Beginning nursing school is exciting! However, after the first week or two, you might realize that stress and worry are taking over your excitement. The learning curve can be steep. You may feel like you’re learning a new language…

How Much Does Nursing School Really Cost?

How Much Does Nursing School Really Cost? The cost of higher education in the U.S. is expensive. When determining how much you’ll pay for your nursing education, you must consider things like tuition, fees, and other expenses that might not be listed in the college…

7 Tips for Completing the FAFSA for Nursing Students

7 Tips for Completing the FAFSA for Nursing Students Figuring out how to pay for nursing school can be daunting. You’ve probably heard that you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly called FAFSA. But, you might wonder where to start. …

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Grants, Loans, and Scholarships for Nursing School

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Grants, Loans, and Scholarships for Nursing School You dream of becoming a nurse. But, figuring out how you’ll pay for college can be overwhelming. In fact, it’s so scary that you keep putting your dreams on the back burner. Sound…

2022 Holiday Nurse Gift Guide (Plus Perks To Implement In 2023!)

2022 Holiday Nurse Gift Guide (Plus Perks To Implement In 2023!) Lights line the streets, Christmas music plays on the local radio station and everyone you encounter seems to have a little pep in their step. The holiday season is certainly in full swing.  It’s…

Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Nursing Program

Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Nursing Program Finding a nursing program that fits your unique needs, goals, and schedule can be challenging. You might be tempted to enroll in the first program you find or go to a school where a…

New Requirements Enforced for Nursing Agencies in Illinois

New Requirements Enforced for Nursing Agencies in Illinois With an increase in demand for nurses and certified nurse aides resulting from the global pandemic, many healthcare facilities have turned to meeting their staffing needs with temporary or contract employees through nursing agencies. Due to an…

New Law Affects Senior Care Staffing Agencies in Pennsylvania

New Law Affects Senior Care Staffing Agencies in Pennsylvania Throughout the past several years, an increasing number of long-term care providers have turned to staffing agencies to meet their staffing needs. While these senior care staffing agencies have been largely unregulated in past years, some…

Ultimate Guide to Nursing Careers

Are you ready to become a nurse? Or maybe it’s time to take your nursing career to the next level. While deciding to go to nursing school is exciting, it also requires you to make so many decisions that you might not know where to…

Meet Melissa Mills, RN, BSN, MHA – Director of Career Advancement at NurseDash

Nursing can take you in many directions. No one knows this better than Melissa Mills, the newest addition to NurseDash, working as the Director of Career Advancement.  Melissa has had an incredible nursing journey that’s taken her to the bedside and beyond and recently landed…

5 Nurse Staffing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

5 Nurse Staffing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023 for Cost Savings & Better Patient Care As we inch closer to 2023, many healthcare organizations are in deep planning mode for the year ahead. And one thing that is likely tops their list of priorities is…

New Nursing Home Minimum Staffing Requirements By State for 2023

Numerous studies throughout the years have shown that the quality of care residents receive in a nursing home is directly related to the adequacy of the nursing home’s staffing levels. Insufficient nursing home staffing levels are associated with negative outcomes for residents including increased rates…

Employees Quiet Quitting—The Effects on Healthcare Industry

Are burned-out healthcare employees quiet quitting their jobs? It’s a topic that isn’t new, but one that’s become increasingly popular after a social media trend went viral encouraging employees to combat the effects of burnout by simply doing less at their jobs. While some employees…

Non-Negotiable Needs For Senior Care Staffing Stability

New SNF Industry Report Highlights Non-Negotiable Need For Senior Care Staffing Stability To Offset Significant Profit Loss The skilled nursing industry’s challenges around recruiting and retaining direct-care workers were only magnified during the pandemic. And unfortunately, organizations don’t seem to be faring much better in…

How a Recession Could Impact Senior Care: The Good, The Bad & The Silver Lining

How a Recession Could Impact Senior Care: The Good, The Bad & The Silver Lining As of late, it seems that every time you read the news or scan LinkedIn, another company has laid off a large chunk of its workforce. While this downsizing has…

Per Diem Nursing vs Travel Nursing: The Pros and Cons

A standard full-time position may not be the right fit for everyone. Fortunately, there are other career paths for nurses. Per diem nursing and travel nursing offer alternative employment options for nurses who aren’t looking for a traditional full-time position. But, there are benefits and…

Q & A with LaKeisha H., LPN

NurseDash talks with LaKeisha as part of our Clinician Spotlight series. LaKeisha describes how NurseDash has helped her craft beneficial scheduling solutions.

Balance Working While in Nursing School: 7 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity

Many nurses struggle to balance working while in nursing school. Find out our top tips for maintaining your sanity while advancing your education and career.

The Top 8 Current Career Trends in Healthcare

The challenges of 2020 have brought many changes to the healthcare industry. Read on to find the current career trends in healthcare for 2021 you must know!

7 Signs You’re Ready to Advance Your Career in Healthcare

Are you ready to advance your career in healthcare in 2021? Read on for the top seven signs you’re ready to make a professional healthcare change this year!

Investing Extra Income: How Clinicians can Invest in Their Futures Today

Investing extra income can help fund your retirement and cushion an emergency. Read on to find out how clinicians can invest extra income toward their futures.

COVID-19 Vaccine for Healthcare Workers: What You Need to Know Before Making an Informed Decision

With the COVID-19 vaccine now available to healthcare workers, it’s essential to make an informed decision. Here, we’re answering common questions you may have.

Claiming the Right Per Diem Nurse Tax Deductions

Claiming the right per diem nurse tax deductions can be stressful. Here are some helpful tips for 1099 healthcare professionals to put to use this tax season.

7 Immune-Boosting Tips for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 and Flu Season

It’s more important than ever to understand how to support your immune system and promote optimal health. Here are immune-boosting tips for healthcare workers.

9 Tips for Succeeding as a Clinician in a New Facility, According to Seasoned Nurses

While starting as a clinician in a new facility takes time and effort, the following nine strategies can help a healthcare professional adapt more quickly.

Anxiety in Healthcare Workers: Therapists Reveal 5 Helpful Tips for Controlling Stress

Anxiety in healthcare workers is becoming increasingly prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read for therapist-approved tips on managing stress and anxiety.

Self Scheduling for Nurses: How NurseDash Gives Clinicians Ultimate Career Flexibility

Our innovative platform allows for self scheduling for nurses, providing clinicians with the ultimate career flexibility solution to achieve work-life balance.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions: Rethinking How Healthcare Facilities Staff Talent

Is your healthcare facility seeking hassle-free healthcare staffing solutions? Read how NurseDash solves staffing shortages better than traditional agencies.

Healthcare Staffing Services: How the NurseDash Model is Surpassing Traditional Agency Staffing

Traditional healthcare staffing services are too complex and profit-focused to effectively solve staffing shortages. Use NurseDash to hire and job search better.

Healthcare Staffing in San Antonio: How NurseDash Can Meet Your Needs

NurseDash is expanding our healthcare staffing to San Antonio! Read on to find out how we solve needs for healthcare facilities and San Antonio nurses.

Attain Nursing Career Satisfaction with NurseDash

We are the first on-demand healthcare platform designed to meet the needs of nurses and other healthcare

COVID19 Resources

Health care facilities and senior care communities have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Q & A with Diamond T., STNA

Please meet our May Nurse Spotlight of the Month, Diamond T. Diamond is an STNA, based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Q & A with Erica B., MSN, RN

Welcome to our facility spotlight of the month, with OR Manager Erica B, MSN, RN.

Q & A with Angela N., RN

Angela is a registered nurse, who works at Memorial Hermann Surgery Center Pinecroft.

Per Diem Staffing: The OG of Gig Economy

The terms Gig worker or Gig economy have become part of the media vernacular over the past five years

Q & A with Ashley P., RN

Please meet our June nurse spotlight of the month, Ashley. Ashley is a registered nurse, who specializes in GI & ER.

How Nurse Work-Life Balance Leads to Facility Success

Every facility aims to have people working for them who want to be there.

Nurse Flexibility in Their Role Matters — Here’s Why

The healthcare market is constantly changing. Some of the biggest changes we have seen are the advancement

3 Things to Look For in What Makes a Good Nurse

When it comes to finding and retaining talented and good nurses, one has to wonder — what makes a good nurse?

What Every Nurse Needs to Do Their Job Well

What every nurse needs in order to do their job well is to understand the expectations that the facility is asking

Want to Improve Healthcare Staffing? Make Sure Clinicians Match These Criteria

Finding Qualified Clinicians It’s no secret that nurses are in high demand. With a large, aging population that requires care as well as a newer generation that is predicted to be larger than any before, the need for medical professionals is immense. With that in…

How Demand for Nurses Gives You Career Flexibility

We know that nurses are already in high demand, and as the years go on, the need will only continue to grow for various reasons. Let’s take a look at the numbers. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and The Forum of State…

Can You Build a Nursing Career as a Per Diem Nurse?

Whether you’ve been a nurse for many years, have just become one recently, or are considering getting into the field, there are different paths taken to achieve this goal. Educational paths taken by someone who wants to enter nursing can happen one of three ways:…

Nurse Stress is Far Too Real, and Here’s How to Beat It

The life of a nurse can be a stressful one. From the long days and nights to the demands of the job, sometimes the stress of the work can not only be brought home with you — but affect your patient care techniques as well….

Looking for Better Nursing Shifts? Make Your Own

When it comes to being a nurse, a common misconception is that everyone works 12-hour shifts. While this may seem true on the surface since many nurses work in hospitals and other 24/7 settings where the 12-hour shift is popular, there are other options out…

4 Reasons Why Per Diem Nursing Makes Perfect Sense

Work the Shifts That Fit Best For You If flexible schedules and variety in the workforce is something you’re craving, a career in per diem nursing may be the right fit for you. If your current schedule is so rigid that you routinely miss out…

How Can On-Demand Shifts for Nurses Change Your Career?

Building Your Own Schedule Can Allow You to Feel More In Control If you want to pick up extra shifts, how do you find opportunities that fit with your schedule? And how do you remain in control of when and where you work? It can…

How to Start Advancing Your Nursing Career

Where Do You Want to Go as a Nurse? You’ve probably been asked in at least one job interview, “where do you want to go in the next five years?” If you’re a nursing student, you might currently be a CNA working toward your BSN…

What is the Importance of Work-Life Balance in Nursing?

Nurses Need to Put Precedent on Achieving a Strong Work-Life Balance to Achieve Better Job Satisfaction As a nurse, you’ve probably been annoyed at least once in your career by someone claiming “it must be so nice to have three whole days off!” — when…

What You Need to Know About Nurse Staffing Issues

How Does the Nurse Shortage Affect the Healthcare System? It’s obvious that more nurses means better care, so why is the nursing shortage such a significant issue? The shortage has started many conversations about how nurse staffing issues can be solved. Strategies have been developed…

Increasing Nurse Job Satisfaction: How to Find More Happiness in Your Role

The Traditional Way of Staffing Might Not be the Answer It’s no secret that nursing is a demanding career. But as much as it asks of you, it’s just as rewarding. Being able to care for people is what you’re passionate about, but external factors…

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