4 Reasons Why Per Diem Nursing Makes Perfect Sense

4 Reasons Why Per Diem Nursing Makes Perfect Sense

Work the Shifts That Fit Best For You

If flexible schedules and variety in the workforce is something you’re craving, a career in per diem nursing may be the right fit for you.

If your current schedule is so rigid that you routinely miss out on time with your family or pass up on opportunities, then maybe now is the perfect time to explore an alternative way to work. If you aren’t sure where to begin to achieve flexibility or why it makes sense, we’ve got you covered.

Per diem nurses have the option to work as much or little as they want. This means if you currently hold a full-time position at another facility, want to continue your education, or just long for more personal time, you don’t need to worry about how many hours you work as there are no mandatory hours required. You have the total freedom to pick the type of schedule that you want. This differs from a PRN nurse.

Perhaps when you picked or were assigned to your current schedule, it made sense at the time — or maybe that’s what worked best with your life then. But, as your life changes, so should your schedule.

Any nurse that is accustomed to working late-nights, rotating shifts, overtime, or 12-hour days is at risk for experiencing fatigue and burnout. This means a lesser quality of life for not just the person but also potentially the patient.

That is where having control of your own schedule can give you the freedom to enjoy both your career and your personal life.

Reduce Nursing-Related Stress

Nurses may experience a number of stressors daily due to the demands of the job. While a nurse may feel pressure because of the sensitive nature of the field, many more contributing factors have been cited as a reason to leave the profession.

A survey conducted by RNnetwork in 2017 determined 27 percent of nurses considered leaving the field because they felt overwhelmed. Sixteen percent said they no longer enjoyed their job, and 15 percent felt they had too much paperwork.

Some nurses that work three 12-hour-shifts may do so to try to provide a better work-life balance, but this can cause more stress by unexpected hours being tacked on due to unforeseen circumstances.

While all of the above seem like valid reasons for wanting to leave the profession, what if there was another option for achieving career flexibility instead of walking away? A per diem nurse has the flexibility to create their own schedules and work where they want when they want.

What’s nice about this is that you are not relying on a schedule made by someone else to dictate your availability. You know when you are available — therefore, it should be you who makes the schedule!

This can help a nurse reduce the stress in the workplace by taking time away from the job or by finding a facility or practice that they enjoy the most.

How Being Flexible Opens Up More Opportunities

The great thing about the nursing field is that it’s in high demand — which means there is an ample amount of opportunities for work.

If you find that you’re super open to being flexible with your work schedule — you may have a greater chance at maximizing how much work you’re willing to take on, which in turn means you’ll earn more money.

Nurses who work on a per diem basis can take on as much work as they want. Typically, these positions pay more as facilities are trying to fill-up shifts for a full staff. By building your own schedule, you can open up your availability to more than just one facility. Especially, in areas where the need is larger.

Working on a per diem basis also allows you to explore other avenues of nursing such as working in a different area of specialization or in a role you wouldn’t typically work. This could lead to opportunities for advancement.

Beyond making money, your work-life balance may improve by having the power to work the hours you know to be the best for you. Without that flexibility, you may continue in a cycle of feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Also, those who are advancing from a CNA, STNA, LVP/LPN program toward their next degrees can find this type of work very useful in gaining relevant experience. Why work somewhere that won’t help you with your career goals?

Solutions to Work and Live Anywhere

Since nurses are in such high demand — especially in major medical corridors like Texas or Ohio — the flexibility to work and live where you want has never been easier to obtain.

While some people may choose to make an entire career out of per diem nursing, others use the flexibility to make some additional money on the side, explore other career opportunities, continue their education, or have more personal time.

What’s great about being able to create your own schedule is that you know when you are available. Whether you are just looking to gain valuable work experience while navigating through nursing school or need greater flexibility to fit the demands of your own personal life, NurseDash is able to help.

Getting your foot in the door at a facility has never been easier. With NurseDash, finding a match is as easy as downloading the app and entering your information. From there, a facility can review your ratings, experience, and education, and decide if you are the right fit for the shift or shifts at their facility.

Once they approve, you are all set to begin. The facility information and job description are right in the app for you. And, if you are unsure about something or need further information, you can use the chat feature in the app to ask any questions you may have.

What are you waiting for? Download the NurseDash app and begin your career as a per diem nurse today!

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