Healthcare Staffing Services: How the NurseDash Model is Surpassing Traditional Agency Staffing

Healthcare Staffing Services: How the NurseDash Model is Surpassing Traditional Agency Staffing

Traditional healthcare staffing models continue to lack in providing exceptional experiences for both healthcare clinicians and facilities. At NurseDash, we’re changing the standard healthcare staffing services model to better support everyone. That’s why we’ve developed a unique staffing platform that connects credentialed healthcare professionals directly with healthcare facilities to fill both short- and long-term staffing needs.

NurseDash knows healthcare! Our team of experienced healthcare and startup professionals in Houston, Texas created NurseDash to provide a better alternative to standard healthcare staffing services. With the help of our innovative technology, we’re the first to provide clinicians with the flexibility of creating an on-demand schedule while also assisting healthcare facilities in filling staffing gaps with exceptional clinicians.

Healthcare Staffing Services for Nursing and Beyond

As the name implies, NurseDash is an excellent platform for nurses to find open positions. However, we offer the same benefits to other healthcare professionals. We have shifts and positions available for Techs, CNA’s, CMA’s, LPN’s, RN’s, and STNA’s.

Visit the NurseDash website to learn more about how NurseDash can help you attain and maintain career fulfillment and a work-life balance. There, you can browse the list of current positions available in your area of interest.

What Makes NurseDash Stand Apart From Agency Staffing?

  • Flexibility: We believe all parties deserve flexibility. Our unique model allows facilities and professionals to get to know each other on a personal level. Facilities have the opportunity to observe the performance of the clinician before deciding whether they want to extend a full-time offer. This interaction helps reduce staff turnover and creates more successful long-term partnerships.
  • Decreased burnout: Working late-nights, 12-hour shifts, and overtime in a physically and emotionally demanding environment can lead to burnout. We strive to prevent clinician burnout by offering work shifts that fit you and your lifestyle.
  • No middleman: Our model removes the middleman, creating a platform where healthcare professionals can communicate with healthcare facilities directly. Not only does this improve communication between the parties involved, but it also reduces costs for everyone. It’s a win-win!
  • Transparency: One-on-one communication is key! We believe that full transparency is a key factor in creating lasting working relationships. That’s why our platform provides a direct line of communication from healthcare facilities to clinicians.
  • Cost savings for healthcare facilities: We don’t believe in charging extra facility fees for finding exceptionally qualified healthcare professionals to fill open positions. NurseDash only charges a fee when healthcare facilities fill their open per diem shifts. This offers significant cost savings for hiring clinicians part- or full-time when compared to the standard healthcare staffing services model.
    • On average, standard staffing agencies charge more than double what a facility would pay for their full-time staff to fill a per diem shift. With NurseDash, a facility sees an approximate 25-30% savings over using a traditional staffing agency or paying overtime to their internal staff.
  • Cost savings for clinicians: Staffing agencies typically charge a percentage of a healthcare professional’s annual salary as a placement fee. They may also require the healthcare facility to use the clinician under their agency rate for the initial specified amount of working hours, which could be between 600 and 900 hours.
    • This is NOT the NurseDash way! We never charge a placement fee or require clients to commit to a long-term agreement before they can make a full-time offer. That’s the NurseDash difference!
  • Exceptional healthcare professionals: We support the career development and enhancement of all our healthcare clinicians. That’s why we offer discounted tuition rates and scholarships for enrollment into a nursing degree program. In addition, most NurseDash professionals maintain full-time positions and are continually receiving on-the-job clinical training on up-to-date evidence-based-medicine practice.

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Learn more about how NurseDash can be an essential tool in achieving and maintaining career fulfillment. Take a look at the testimonial reviews on the NurseDash website and Facebook page.

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