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Q & A with Angela N., RN

Q & A with Angela N., RN

Welcome to our facility spotlight of the month, with Clinical Director Angela N. Angela is a registered nurse, who works at Memorial Hermann Surgery Center Pinecroft. We hope that you enjoy learning a little more about her from a recent interview.

NurseDash (ND): Thank you for taking time to sit down with us today Angela! To start, can you tell us how you first came to learn about NurseDash?

Angela N. (AN): We first met Jake (NurseDash CEO) at a time when we were using agency and we didn’t like the quality of the nurses we were getting.

ND: What about using NurseDash over agency was the most compelling for you initially?

AN: I couldn’t get over the fact that there are no placement fees if we wanted to hire someone from ND full-time – you all actually encourage it! I also liked being able to go online and see the clinician profiles and then have the opportunity to pick who I wanted and that I was not stuck with them if I wanted to change.

ND: Have you hired anyone from NurseDash?

AN: Yes! We recently had a nurse come to work with us in our PACU and we really liked her. She said that she had actually applied to work with us full-time previously, but for one reason or another I never saw her resume. After she worked her shift the PACU manager said she was great, and I wanted to hire her immediately. NurseDash was so helpful during the hiring process and she actually kept working with us on the ND platform until her drug screen was approved and she could come on-board as an employee.

ND: What has surprised you the most about working with NurseDash?

AN: The quality of the nurses has surprised me the most – we would have 1 out of 5 star rating with agency, now we have 4 out of 5 with NurseDash. Your nurses are definitely not the typical agency mentality, they act like they are part of our team going above and beyond and that really sticks out to me.

ND: What would you tell someone who’s considering using NurseDash?

AN: In addition to great quality nurses, NurseDash is a great way to have a working interview to find out if someone is a good fit for your facility.

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