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Like many other states, Pennsylvania continues to experience a staffing shortage in its many hospitals and senior care facilities. With about 15,000 physician assistants and nurses employed throughout the state and more constantly needed, Pennsylvania is in high demand for healthcare professionals. So how can we help to match more professionals to their perfect-fit healthcare facilities faster? Where traditional nursing staffing agencies in PA fall short, NurseDash excels.

The NurseDash Difference

Traditional healthcare staffing agencies create a disconnect between practitioners and hospitals because they are competing against facilities to claim talent. With NurseDash, both clinicians and healthcare practices play an active role in job placements, and are able to communicate with one another directly. We also don’t require fees or additional commitments from facilities when a short-term or temp position turns into a full-time job.

Help healthcare providers fill open shifts faster with innovative technology

Aid clinicians and hospitals in making better professional connections

Support healthcare professionals in matching their work schedules to their lifestyles

Dedicated to Helping Leading Hospitals and Clinicians In PA

NurseDash is operating in select cities in Pennsylvania. We’re always looking for opportunities to continue to expand into the areas that need us. Do you have shift needs in different Pennsylvania locations? Please get in touch with us and let us know.


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Whether you’re a hospital or retirement home looking to fill open shifts, or a clinician looking for a schedule that matches your life goals, NurseDash is here to help.

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