The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Staffing Success

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Staffing Success

Throughout the holiday and winter seasons, healthcare leaders face the annual challenge of balancing optimal staffing levels with maintaining high staff morale. The festive season can bring unpredictable staffing needs and increased demands on healthcare facilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into helpful tips for your team to navigate the holidays successfully and to ensure your patients and residents are provided with high-quality continuity of care.

Understanding Holiday Staffing Needs

Start your holiday preparations by analyzing historical data and collaborating with department heads to identify potential gaps in coverage. Anticipate callouts and plan accordingly to ensure a well-staffed and efficient operation during this critical time. Acknowledge that the holiday season may bring unexpected changes in staff availability. Build flexibility into schedules, allowing for adjustments and accommodating staff preferences where possible. Two primary strategies guide holiday nurse shift scheduling:

  1. Seniority: Prioritize time off for senior nurses, expecting newer additions to work through the holidays on a regular rotation. Suitable for smaller clinics with lower demands during this season.
  2. Block Scheduling: Assign nurses to blocks (A, B, C) for major holidays, rotating each year to guarantee holiday rest for everyone. Favored by clinicians for its fairness.

Post Shift Needs EARLY

Posting your shift needs well in advance offers several advantages:

  1. Priority Selection: Clinicians plan their schedules early, posting early ensures you have access to a pool of qualified professionals.
  2. Reduced Stress: Early posting minimizes last-minute scrambling to find coverage, reducing stress for your team.
  3. Better Planning: Anticipating and addressing holiday staffing needs early allows for better overall facility planning and resident care. 

Key December Dates

Though we recommend posting any anticipated shift needs ASAP for optimal coverage, be sure to at least post by the following dates:

Christmas Eve / Day: Post shifts by December 10th

New Year’s Eve / Day: Post shifts by December 17th


Anticipate Holiday Callouts

Holiday seasons often come with increased unpredictability. To anticipate potential callouts, consider factors such as:

  1. Historical Data: Review past years’ staffing needs during holidays.
  2. Weather Conditions: Be mindful of potential weather-related issues affecting staff availability.
  3. Communication: Foster open communication with your staff about their holiday plans to plan accordingly.


Transparent Communication

Open communication is crucial during the holidays. Keep your staff informed about schedules, expectations, and any contingency plans in place. Transparent communication fosters a positive work environment and helps manage expectations during this busy period.


Boosting Morale with Festive Initiatives

Create a festive atmosphere within your healthcare facility to boost morale. Consider incorporating holiday-themed decorations, small celebrations, and recognition programs to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your nursing staff.


Recognize and Appreciate

Express gratitude for your team’s extra efforts during the holiday season. Personalized notes, small tokens of appreciation, or team meetings to acknowledge their contributions can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Offer Incentives for Extra Shifts

Consider providing incentives for nurses who voluntarily pick up extra shifts during the holidays. Bonuses, additional time off, or other perks can show appreciation for their flexibility and dedication.

Stay Proactive in Addressing Issues

Monitor staffing levels closely and address emerging issues promptly. Staying proactive in addressing concerns and making adjustments as needed will contribute to a smoother holiday season for both staff and patients.

Post-Holiday Debrief

Gather feedback from nursing staff and administrators after the holiday season to assess what worked well and areas for improvement. Use this information to refine your approach for future holiday staffing.

As healthcare leaders, your proactive and thoughtful approach to holiday staffing will not only ensure the well-being of your staff but also contribute to the overall success of your facility during this festive season.

Strategically Utilize PRN Nurses

Per-diem (PRN) nurses become valuable assets over the holidays. Identify high-demand periods and strategically utilize PRN nurses for extra coverage. Ensure these nurses are adequately trained and familiar with your facility’s protocols to seamlessly integrate into the team. Increased seasonal expenses attract more temporary nurses seeking extra assignments, especially considering the heightened intensity of winter and the surge in seasonal illnesses.

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