Attain Nursing Career Satisfaction with NurseDash

Attain Nursing Career Satisfaction with NurseDash

Nursing is a demanding career. As a nurse, you may love your job; but the long, unpredictable hours that interfere with your home-life schedule are not always great. While you have a passion to care for others, external factors such as responsibilities at home and work environment can decrease job satisfaction. Do you always miss out on important family events or holidays? Do you want to advance your career but struggle to find the time? Are you stuck working overtime or too many weekends? These are common challenges that many healthcare professionals face. That’s where NurseDash is changing the future of nursing, making flexible nursing careers attainable.


The NurseDash mission is to empower and inspire healthcare professionals, promote lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and support the healthcare community during every stage of life.

What is NurseDash?

We are the first on-demand healthcare platform designed to meet the needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals, along with the facilities that staff them. We provide clinicians with available on-demand healthcare shifts and makes scheduling these shifts as easy as possible.

How does NurseDash work?

NurseDash is simple and easy to use. Here’s how NurseDash works:

  1. Submit your application and get credential on the NurseDash platform
  2. View available shifts from healthcare facilities and apply for your desired shirts
  3. The facility reviews your profile. If selected, you will receive an in-app notification and email confirmation
  4. Work your shift. Clock in and out with the convenient NurseDash app
  5. Get paid weekly with direct deposit


NurseDash has locations in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as several locations in Texas. Our Texas locations include Dallas, Houston, and Austin. We are also thrilled to announce our expansion into the San Antonio, Texas area.

Benefits for Nurses

NurseDash provides several benefits for nurses including:

  • No minimum requirement for the number of shifts or hours worked
  • Flexibility to choose the shifts that best fit your needs
  • Increased pay through direct booking
  • Excellent work-life balance by searching the right work shift that aligns with your schedule
  • You’re Covered: worker’s compensation and liability insurance included
  • Ease of use: the NurseDash app allows you to connect to facilities and easily book shifts

Supporting you Through Every Step of your “Nurse Journey”

NurseDash provides the perfect opportunity for nurses hoping to continue their education. Many nurses, after working in a clinical setting, develop a passion for enhancing their knowledge and return to school. If this is you, this is a wonderful part of your journey. While wonderful, it may also feel overwhelming. It can be extremely challenging to maintain a full-time position while juggling other responsibilities, such as clinical rotations and family life.

As a healthcare professional, you most likely want to maintain your clinical skills, interact with patients, and still generate some income. Nurse Dash is the perfect answer to assist you through your nursing journey. You can conveniently schedule shifts around your current class schedule.

“NurseDash has been so good to me during my school years, allowing me to pick up shifts on a PRN basis. I am thankful!”

NurseDash is also a great option for earning supplemental income. Perhaps you are trying to save up for a big event or trip, or pay-off a student loan. NurseDash gives you the opportunity to earn extra income by filling work shifts that work around your home-life schedule.


There has been an increasing awareness of nurse burnout in recent months. Working late-nights, 12-hour shifts, and overtime in a physically and emotionally demanding environment can lead to emotional exhaustion. NurseDash helps prevent burnout by offering work shifts that work around your lifestyle.

“On-demand” Structure

The on-demand structure is a unique component of the NurseDash model. On-demand healthcare shifts provide you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work. On-demand shifts also mean that the nurse filling the position receives a higher hourly rate compared to the average hourly nursing rate. Also, you can fluctuate the number of hours you work based on your financial needs.

NurseDash is Not Your Healthcare Staffing Agency

With NurseDash, nurses and facilities have more flexibility in choosing when and where they want to work. It’s all done using our convenient app. You know the pay rate and position details prior to requesting to work a shift. There are no mandatory hour requirements. You can work as much or as little as you want! This differs from most as-needed (PRN) or contingent nursing position. The number of hours you work is completely up to you. The more flexible you are, the more work opportunities will become available for you.

Find Freedom with NurseDash

Gain career satisfaction while carrying out your passion for helping others. We strive to give nurses the freedom they need. Interested in learning more about positions with NurseDash? Apply with us today and find out how NurseDash can give you the work-life balance you deserve!

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