Q & A with Erica B., MSN, RN

Q & A with Erica B., MSN, RN

Welcome to our facility spotlight of the month, with OR Manager Erica B, MSN, RN. Erica works at First Surgical Partners, LLC in Houston, Texas. We hope that you enjoy learning a little more about her from a recent interview.

NurseDash (ND): Thank you for taking time to sit down with us today Erica! To start, can you tell us how you first came to learn about NurseDash?

Erica B. (EB): I learned about NurseDash from Jake, who came over to tell us about the company a year ago. I thought the idea was great! It presented easier access to PRN staff without having to contact the middleman.

ND: What about using NurseDash over agency was the most compelling for you initially?

EB: The fact that I did not have to call someone in order to schedule a candidate. It was compelling to have the resume and all pertinent information readily available to choose the best person for the job.

ND: Have you hired anyone from NurseDash?

EB: Yes! I had a tech work for me through NurseDash and she was amazing! We spoke about her experience from her last full-time job and I knew that she would be a great fit at our facility. Her work ethic and attitude were both aspects I was looking for in a full-time employee. I knew that if she ever wanted a full-time position I would quickly say yes! She developed a relationship with us and we did not want to miss out hiring a great employee – and with no placement fees through NurseDash.

ND: What has surprised you the most about working with NurseDash?

EB:  How easy the company has made the website user friendly. Any problems that I have had, I have contacted Anum who has helped me in a timely fashion.

ND: What would you tell someone who’s considering using NurseDash?

EB: I tell everyone I know that is looking for PRN work to apply to NurseDash. I think it is a great company for both myself, as OR manager and for employees who just want extra income.

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