2022 Holiday Nurse Gift Guide (Plus Perks To Implement In 2023!)

2022 Holiday Nurse Gift Guide (Plus Perks To Implement In 2023!)

2022 Holiday Nurse Gift Guide (Plus Perks To Implement In 2023!)

Lights line the streets, Christmas music plays on the local radio station and everyone you encounter seems to have a little pep in their step. The holiday season is certainly in full swing. 

It’s a time of year to appreciate all that we have but also to show those around us how much we appreciate them. And no one is quite as deserving as all those hardworking nurses out there. They braved the front lines of the pandemic for nearly 2.5 years and continue to show their steadfast dedication to caring for their patients. Here are the top gift ideas for 2022 that are sure to show them just how valuable they are to your organization, plus a few perks to offer in 2023 to boost recruitment and retention and support your nurses all year long. 

Fresh Scrubs

You can never go wrong with a practical gift. A new set of scrubs from Figs, Jaanuu, or Mandala can save someone from having to a late-night load of laundry after a long shift. 

Meditation App Subscription

Burnout skyrocketed during the pandemic, and many are still recovering from the trauma of caring for patients on the front lines. A meditation app can help your nurses make it a habit to take some time for themselves each day and many companies offer group discounts. To further show you are committed to your team’s mental wellness, you can even encourage your nurses to take breaks during the day to access these bite-size meditations on their phone. 

Yoga Mat

Since apps like NurseDash offer optimal work-life balance, ensure your nurses are taking steps to make themselves happier and healthier on their days off. The effects of yoga on mental well-being are incredible, with 86% reporting a reduction in stress and 59% citing an improvement in the quality and quantity of sleep. Plus, to combat being on their feet all day, the physical benefits include a reduction in inflammation and joint pain.


Donation To a Charity Of Their Choice

This is the perfect way to say thanks to the nurse who loves to give back. It’s safe to say that several of your staff members are involved with non-profit organizations, so consider making a donation on their behalf. 

Pop Socket 

Give your nurses the gift of comfort when selecting their shifts via the NurseDash app. Pop Sockets are available in an array of styles and help nurses show their personality at work. You can even consider adding your company logo to the design.


Gift certificates to local restaurants for a fun night out on the town always go over well. And for the adventure-seeking nurse, consider an airline gift certificate for their next trip or a unique event around town like axe throwing or an escape room. 


You can never go wrong with company-branded essentials. Sweatshirts, hats, and tote bags are practical items that everyone can use and allows your nurses to proudly represent your organization around town. 

Socks & Shoes 

Another way to add individualist flair to a uniform, a pair of socks can also be a conversation piece between nurses and patients. Nursing shoes have come a long way over the years with the likes of Crocs stepping onto the scene. Make sure your nurses are wearing supportive footwear specifically built for those on their feet for long periods of time. Some popular brands include Clove, Allbirds and Hoka

Personalized Gifts

This one requires a bit more effort than the rest but really goes a long way in showing you value your nurses not only as professionals but as the unique people they are. You can go two routes here. Consider engraved pens or other personalized items with their names or go one step further and gift items based on their individual hobbies. Think along the lines of a gift certificate to a home goods store for someone renovating their house or an afternoon of golf at a local course.


3 Must-Have Perks To Attract & Retain Nurses in 2023

Nurse retention is a top priority for healthcare in the year ahead, especially as agencies continue to offer extremely high hourly wages. How do you plan to stay competitive by making your organization attractive to candidates and worthwhile for your current employees? Here are a few perks and programs that can help.

A Commitment To Staff Wellness

Although COVID-19 cases have drastically declined, we all know that a nurse’s work is never done. Unfortunately, that means that many have yet to process what unfolded over the past few years. As a result, today’s nurses want their employer to make a continued investment in their overall wellness. Many organizations have offered free or discounted counseling services and others have gone as far as to bring in a dedicated resource to build robust wellness programs for those on the front lines. 

Career Advancement

The top organizations are bulking up their career growth and upskilling programs to give nurses a clear path. Perhaps they want to explore another area of nursing or pursue a higher degree. Work with your nurses to understand their goals and help them establish key milestones to get there. 

To help, NurseDash recently brought on a Director of Career Advancement as a resource for NDPros looking to accelerate their nursing careers. Melissa Mills, RN, BSN, MHA will lead the charge in curating local networks to assist learners and support organizations throughout the staffing crisis. You can learn more about Melissa and her goals for the new role here

Flexible Scheduling

The end of the year is the perfect time to sit down with your nurses and ensure their schedule still fits their lifestyle. Perhaps things in their personal lives have changed and they need to make an adjustment, or they are looking to pick up some extra hours. Healthcare Marketplaces like NurseDash make offering your staff the work-life balance they crave easy. 

Once you’ve built best-fit schedules for your roster staff, you can easily fill in any gaps (even those inevitable last-minute call-offs) using the app. NurseDash offers instant access to the top nursing talent in your area at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Plus, NurseDash is there for you only when you need it, whether that’s today, tomorrow or a few months from now, and we don’t require long-term commitments or placing fees when offering a candidate a full-time position.

NurseDash is committed to helping nurses achieve work-life balance and healthcare organizations affordably and efficiently staff for quality patient care. Happy holidays from all of us and a special thanks to our partners and NDPros. We look forward to what we will accomplish together in 2023!

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