Nurse Flexibility in Their Role Matters — Here’s Why

Nurse Flexibility in Their Role Matters — Here’s Why

The healthcare market is constantly changing. Some of the biggest changes we have seen are the advancement in technology, the use of data, and even how we pay for and receive care.

Healthcare insurance is changing as well. When the Affordable Care Act was signed into Congress, there was an influx in patients asking for or requiring care. When these patients began looking for the care they needed, they were met with not enough nurses to fulfill the job at hand.

Some advances have helped speed up the processes at facilities — such as ERM systems to enable charting to be done on a computer instead of by a traditional chart.

Nurse flexibility is important in these instances as the profession requires you to be prepared to continue your education or learn new things as needed.

Staffing Shortage in the Market

In stride with the changes in the market, one of the more glaring ones is the staffing shortages facilities across the nation that facilities are facing.

Shortages are occurring at a rapid rate. It’s quite simple — as nurses retire and the largest geriatric population is reaching of age, there aren’t enough people to meet the demands.

But, does the problem stem from a lack of interest in the field? Not necessarily. Colleges are constantly having to turn away a number of qualified applicants or put them on a waitlist. The lack of nurse educators — as they are also nearing retirement — has been difficult to fill.

The significant staffing shortage is affecting the care and quality patients receive and putting a strain on those in the field.

What this Means for Working Nurses

With the shortage of nursing staff growing at a rapid rate around the country, finding a nurse with flexibility is almost a necessity. Changes, no matter how large or small, can put stress on the nurse working at your facility.

We know some changes may be gradual, such as phasing out an older system for a newer one, but others may come on suddenly and it is up to the nurse to cope. They may do this by choosing to focus on their own self-care, which may include sleep, exercise, nutrition, meditation, or even time off.

It is important to understand what the changes to the work environment mean for everyone involved. If more responsibility will be on every nurse, or changes in organizational structure is happening, you may need to be ready for demands in a change in the nurses’ schedules in order for them to feel rested and adapt to the new processes and procedures.

When a nurse does need to take some time off or experiences a need to change their schedules, your facility may need some outside help.

How NurseDash Helps with Your Staffing Needs

If you find your facility is experiencing a shortage in nurses, and you need to make a cost-efficient decision, NurseDash is the best way for you to get the full-time staff you need without having to hire anyone on a permanent basis.

What makes NurseDash unique is the fact you only need to book with us when you need to, whether it’s for days of need or shifts in the future you know will need to be filled.

The process is simple:

  • Post the open shifts at your facility — This is used unlike booking through a traditional staffing agency. You only book when you need the help.
  • Watch the qualified applicants apply — Qualified nurses apply for the shift.
  • Review and select your applicant — After you receive the applications, you can review them and select the nurse you want for the job.
  • Invoices and payments — NurseDash does this for you so you don’t have to worry about tracking down a person for their invoice for payment.

What you will get in return is:

  • A streamlined process — We connect you directly to qualified nurses.
  • Cost savings — NurseDash clients save around 30% when compared to other agencies.
  • Insurance — NurseDash provides liability and compensation insurance to clinicians.
  • No Fees or Commitments — NurseDash helps you save money by avoiding upfront and costly fees that other agencies may normally charge.

PRN or travel nurses may not always be available when you need them, so the process of finding a nurse who meets your facilities needs could be tricky. NurseDash helps your facility match with qualified clinicians that have worked at similar facilities in similar times and roles to help place the right per diem nurse where they need to be.

Find out more about how NurseDash can help you with your staffing needs here. Download the app today!

NurseDash is an on-demand healthcare marketplace that connects facilities with staffing needs to clinicians looking for open nursing shifts.


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