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Searching for Medical Staffing Agencies in Illinois?

We Have a Better Plan for Healthcare Staffing

As the healthcare staffing crisis continues, there are more than 200 hospitals in Illinois that need nurses, physician assistants, and senior care staff. While traditional medical staffing agencies in Illinois are more focused on making money from placing talent, NurseDash puts the control back in the hands of medical facilities and clinicians. Our stress-free scheduling platform allows healthcare professionals to claim shifts directly, creating a faster method for filling open shifts at retirement homes and healthcare facilities, while helping nurses to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Where We Excel

Hospitals and practices fill their last-minute open shifts with vetted clinicians quickly

Nurses and physician assistants only work when and where they want to

If a temporary nurse is a good fit for a permanent position, there’s no placement fee

We’re Excited to Continue Growing in Illinois

NurseDash is operating in select cities in Illinois. We’re always looking for opportunities to continue to expand into the areas that need us. Do you have shift needs in different Illinois locations? Please get in touch with us and let us know.

A Better Way to Staff Has Arrived in Illinois

Whether you’re a senior care facility or hospital looking to fill open shifts, or a clinician looking for a schedule that matches your life goals, NurseDash is here to help.

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