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Healthcare Staffing Solutions: Rethinking How Healthcare Facilities Staff Talent

Healthcare Staffing Solutions: Rethinking How Healthcare Facilities Staff Talent

At NurseDash, we continue to rethink how healthcare facilities get access to top-quality clinical staff in a modernized approach. In today’s ever-evolving healthcare staffing space, the traditional staffing model cannot keep up. Across the nation, we’re finding that healthcare organizations are searching for healthcare staffing solutions that provide on-demand, transparent, and streamlined access to qualified clinicians. This is where NurseDash comes in!

Our on-demand healthcare staffing platform gives facilities instant and transparent access to top-quality healthcare clinicians in their area. This app-based platform pairs healthcare facilities with clinical staff for both short-term and long-term partnerships.

Now, healthcare facilities can get access to a transparent staffing platform that streamlines the hiring of quality candidates. With the click of a button, you can see availability, location, specialty, and other critical factors in the hiring decision process. This approach removes the barriers and takes the hassle out of the staffing process, giving healthcare organizations a fresh approach to accessing top local candidates for their open positions.

Challenges with the Traditional Staffing Process

Traditional staffing puts the decision making power into the hands of a staffing agency. This creates roadblocks and limits the healthcare facility’s access to qualified clinical staff. Through this process, healthcare facilities are also often denied access to critical details such as a candidate’s experience and availability.

This traditional staffing model often leaves healthcare facilities understaffed and their professionals are overworked as a result. Additionally, candidates have their own set of challenges while working through these agencies. Clinicians are often placed into positions that aren’t a great fit for their background or schedule, with little control over the process.

Why NurseDash Has Become the Preferred Healthcare Staffing Solution

NurseDash has removed the barriers that limit how healthcare facilities connect with candidates. Our transparent platform allows healthcare facilities to communicate directly with their candidates, meaning facilities have better access to clinical professionals that fit their target working schedule, possess the needed work experience, and are local to the area.

This simple concept of transparent hiring has moved hundreds of healthcare professionals to adopt the NurseDash platform, allowing healthcare facilities to benefit from a growing and diverse hiring pool.

The Movement to Create a Positive Work Culture

Today, organizations understand more than ever how critically important the health and wellbeing of their employees are. A happy, healthy workforce translates into better patient care and lower turnover, while also creating an overall positive work culture. To this point, healthcare facilities are quickly learning that proper staffing practices help their organization foster an optimal work environment.

We’re finding that nurses and other healthcare professionals alike are seeking flexibility in their work, and NurseDash is facilitating this. For clinicians, there is no minimum required hours or shifts to work. You can simply pick the shifts that best suit your lifestyle. The benefits of NurseDash’s on-demand platform (compared to the challenges of traditional healthcare staffing) translate to tremendous improvement in the overall health and wellbeing of a facility’s clinical staff.

Finding the Right Candidate Has Never Been Easier

There are a lot of factors that go into finding the right individual to fill an open position. NurseDash accounts for this by facilitating short-term staffing assignments that allow the healthcare facility to observe the performance of the candidate and determine if they’re a good fit for that particular position.

If you choose to offer a NurseDash clinician with a full-time position, we will support you every step of the way. We take pride in providing healthcare staffing solutions to our partnering facilities so they can select the perfect professionals for their needs.

How Does Becoming a NurseDash Partner Work?

  1. Healthcare facilities can sign up to partner with NurseDash.
  2. Once registered, your healthcare facility can post open positions to the platform. You can filter the exact qualities you are looking for in a candidate such as shift availability, location, and specialty.
  3. Clinicians can view your job posting and apply to the opening.
  4. The facility can browse through interested candidates and view each candidate’s full profile, including relevant work experience and availability.
  5. The facility selects the best-suited candidate from the applicant pool.

It’s as simple as that. NurseDash has removed the healthcare staffing barriers evident throughout the traditional staffing model and given you transparent control of your hiring process. You know exactly what you’re getting from the start.

How Can We Help?

Qualified professionals are the backbone of our healthcare facilities. We’re confident that we can dramatically improve your processes with our optimal healthcare staffing solutions, while also improving the overall job satisfaction of your staff.

Get started today to learn more about how we can make your processes for onboarding new talent transparent and easy!

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