Healthcare Staffing in San Antonio: How NurseDash Can Meet Your Needs

Healthcare Staffing in San Antonio: How NurseDash Can Meet Your Needs

NurseDash has been well received by both job-seekers and healthcare facilities. Following this success, we are proud to announce the expansion of our healthcare staffing to San Antonio, Texas — a new market for our organization.

The healthcare and bioscience industry remains one of San Antonio’s top industries, with more than one in six locals being employed in this field. As healthcare facilities continue to expand, the need for quality San Antonio nurses and caregivers to fill open healthcare positions is increasing. Facilities often struggle to fill open shifts with qualified candidates in a timely manner.

NurseDash is now able to assist with this demand by filling open positions with qualified clinicians in healthcare facilities throughout San Antonio, Texas. From CNA and CMA (Certified Medication Aide) all the way to LPN/LVN, OR tech and Registered Nursing positions — NurseDash is helping solve the staffing crisis in this rapidly growing industry.

Providing a Better Solution for Healthcare Staffing in San Antonio

Our team at NurseDash was founded by a group of experienced healthcare and startup professionals in Houston, Texas, aiming to provide a better alternative to the standard healthcare staffing model. We provide clinicians and caregivers with the flexibility of creating an on-demand schedule, while assisting healthcare facilities to fill staffing gaps with exceptional candidates.

Our success in Houston prompted our expansion into additional cities throughout Texas and Ohio. Our growth is now continuing into San Antonio. The technology provided by NurseDash consistently delivers a better solution for closing the staffing gaps in these markets.

What NurseDash Can Do for Your San Antonio Healthcare Facility

  • Best suited candidates: Healthcare facilities often struggle to fulfill staffing needs. Common needs include filling shifts while employees are on vacation or on leave, unexpected volume surge, or a hiring freeze. Healthcare facilities that partner with NurseDash benefit by filling open shifts with ease. NurseDash applicants undergo background checks and verification of credentials and licenses.
  • Repeat hires available: NurseDash facilities have the option to engage a NurseDash clinician they have enjoyed working with in the past. You can browse through the candidates who apply for your posted shifts and see if those candidates have worked with you in the past. This allows the opportunity for facilities to choose the best-suited clinician for open jobs and particular shifts. This also helps reduce training time and leads to improved quality of patient care.
  • Reduced staffing and talent acquisition costs: Facilities using NurseDash see an average of 30% cost savings compared to those using a traditional staffing agency. We provide support to facilities throughout the hiring process, so you don’t need to worry about clerical costs related to credentialing. In addition, NurseDash charges no agency fee or other hidden fees when you decide to hire a clinician full time.
  • On-Demand Structure makes it easy for facilities to fill staffing voids: Facilities partnering with NurseDash can easily post and fill for open shifts with our on-demand platform. We make it simple to find qualified candidates quickly in times of need.

What NurseDash Can Do for San Antonio Nurses and Caregivers

  • Career fulfillment: Nurses and other caregivers are able to care for patients in the facilities and specialties of their preference. We provide the opportunity to fill shifts in different departments and explore different clinical areas. If you find a specific area you prefer working in, continued staffing requests in that department can be made.
  • Opportunity for career advancement: NurseDash provides a schedule to accommodate your desire for career advancement by going back to school. You can easily apply for shifts that are available last minute or in advance, and work around rigorous or unpredictable class schedules.
  • Family life: With NurseDash, you can earn a great income and still be available to your family. We provide you with the ability to create a schedule around family needs, travel plans, and important events.
  • On-Demand structure makes it easy to schedule shifts and get paid: Our on-demand platform lets you find shifts, clock in and out, and get paid weekly by direct deposit. There has never been an easier way to manage your healthcare career. On average, a typical NurseDash clinician is able to pick up 5-8 shifts per week! Learn more about NurseDash’s benefits, now available to San Antonio nurses, by reading our recent blog.

Become a Part of NurseDash Today

Whether you’re a clinician eager for a flexible schedule or a facility looking for top-notch candidates to fill open shifts in the San Antonio area, NurseDash can assist you along your journey. Sign up today and find out how NurseDash can help you!

NurseDash is an on-demand healthcare marketplace that connects facilities with staffing needs to clinicians looking for open nursing shifts.


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