Self Scheduling for Nurses: How NurseDash Gives Clinicians Ultimate Career Flexibility

Self Scheduling for Nurses: How NurseDash Gives Clinicians Ultimate Career Flexibility

Achieve Work-Life Balance With Self Scheduling for Nurses

As a healthcare worker, you’ve likely faced the demands of juggling your career and personal life more than once. Often, you miss out on important family events and milestones because of your work schedule. Now more than ever, NurseDash understands the need for work-life balance and flexibility. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that prioritizes self scheduling for nurses, allowing you to work around other commitments and priorities.

Through our recognition of the shortcomings of traditional medical staffing, we’ve developed a healthcare marketplace unlike any other. Our platform gives you the ability to create a schedule that works around your life, while still enjoying a career in the specialties that interest you most. We are continually working to improve the relationship between clinicians and healthcare facilities by opening up lines of communication and offering benefits that far surpass what staffing agencies can offer.

Facilitating Strong Clinician/Facility Relationships

We understand how difficult it can be to find a position that interests you and also fits into your lifestyle. That’s why we have adopted a unique approach that allows you to test out different facilities and specialties. You can work shifts in everything from long-term care to Medical-Surgical and the Operating Room. It’s your decision whether to dedicate yourself to one area or explore the many options available. This is a great way to find your passion as a healthcare professional.

Another advantage of partnering with NurseDash is having the ability to explore these different areas and then easily accept a permanent position within the facility or specialty you enjoy most. With the typical staffing agency model, facilities are penalized for hiring an agency clinician. Often, this means that the facility will not extend an offer to clinicians to avoid paying additional fees.

Our approach allows our partnering facilities to extend a full-time offer to any clinician they love without fees. We’re working hard to establish great partnerships between facilities and healthcare clinicians. Our facilities have grown to love our approach to talent acquisition and so have our NurseDash clinicians!

Partnering with NurseDash vs. Staffing Agencies

With a typical staffing agency, all communication is done through your recruiter. Candidates rarely get an opportunity to speak one on one with a facility to learn whether they may be a good fit for each other. Often, clinicians are left disappointed with staffing assignments that don’t fit their requests. Recruiters work to fill the influx in open shifts and fail to recognize the needs of the clinician. In the event that a good match is made, the agency will penalize the facility with high fees to deter them from offering a full-time, permanent position.

Our approach to staffing offers a much-needed change to the healthcare industry by providing the option of self scheduling for nurses. You’ll communicate directly with the facility, without complicating matters by using a middleman. You can work as much or as little as you want based on your schedule. By getting rid of the middleman, you can even benefit from increased earnings over some traditional staffing models.

We also never charge a fee to anyone when accepting a full-time position. Instead, we support both parties throughout the hiring process and beyond!

NurseDash is Committed to Your Future

Advancing your career can be both time-consuming and costly. As the world of healthcare continues to evolve, pursuing your dreams can become extremely challenging. We understand the importance of supporting you throughout this journey. That’s why we offer tuition discounts and scholarships to our clinicians. Staffing agencies rarely offer these kinds of benefits.

Aside from educational support, you’ll be able to create a schedule that fosters your career goals. When your class and clinical schedule allows, you can pick up shifts to continue bringing in an income to support your family.

We are Bridging the Gap with Technology

In a technology-driven world, we recognize the need for an easy-to-use interface that allows a streamlined approach to staffing. Our innovative platform makes requesting and accepting shifts easy, whether at home or on the go. The NurseDash app will send you a notification when shifts become available. From there, you can easily view the open shifts and apply for any that interest you. If selected for a shift, you will be notified via the app and by email, and you’ll be asked to confirm your availability.

Our platform is the only thing you need! It allows you to clock in and out from your phone and view work history and weekly payment details with ease. In today’s technology-driven world, we are continually looking for ways to improve our services and make your life as easy as possible.

Interested in NurseDash’s Self Scheduling for Nurses?

We are currently hiring clinicians throughout Texas and Ohio. Check out some of our open positions now!

If you’re interested in a solution that offers self scheduling for nurses, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of creating a flexible schedule with NurseDash today!

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