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Q & A with Ashley P., RN

Q & A with Ashley P., RN

Please meet our June nurse spotlight of the month, Ashley. Ashley is a registered nurse, who specializes in GI & ER. Ashley is originally from San Antonio, Texas and moved to Houston in August 2018. She is a dedicated member of our team and always brings a positive attitude and great work ethic. We hope that you enjoy learning a little more about her from a recent interview. Thank you for all that you do, Ashley!

NurseDash: Where did you go to school?

Ashley P.: University of the Incarnate World, San Antonio, Texas. I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

ND: What do you like to do when you are not working?

AP: I love to travel! My son has visited 5 countries at only 3 years old.

ND: Why did you first apply to NurseDash?

AP: I was just moving to Houston and I didn’t know anything about the area yet. I had worked with agencies before and they help you to learn the area first. NurseDash was an even better choice because it allows you to pick only the shifts that you want, which means more freedom and I don’t have to stay with one area or one facility.

ND: What is a typical day like when you are working for NurseDash?

AP: It has been quite easy, the clock in process is simple. On the first day the app tells me exactly where I am going and even where to park so it is not confusing. I can also easily text Anum from NurseDash with any questions and to get oriented. When I am done I just check out on my app and leave. No paperwork issues, everything is on the app which is different than agencies and I really enjoy that feature.

ND: Do you have a favorite memory working with NurseDash?

AP: When I was working at a facility when of the staff members asked where I was from, when I told her NurseDash another person from their team immediately said they switched to NurseDash because the quality of the nurses was higher than the agencies they were using. That made me feel really proud to work with NurseDash.

ND: What do you like most about working with NurseDash?

AP: Being able to set my own schedule. I love to travel and NurseDash gives me that freedom. If I want to take a week off, then I just know the next week I have to pick up extra shifts.

ND: What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

AP: I am going to school for photography. When I travel I like to capture the landscape of each beautiful country.


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