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Medical Staffing Agencies in Tampa Compete Against Hospitals for Top Talent

Medical Staffing Agencies in Florida Aren’t the Best Way to Hire

Our Stress-Free Scheduling Platform Is

Filling temporary healthcare positions through traditional medical staffing agencies in Florida can take too long, and make both facilities and clinicians feel disconnected and out of control throughout the process. At NurseDash, we understand that when open shifts come up, hospitals and senior centers need to fill them immediately for the good of their patients and doctors. That’s why we created an easy scheduling platform where facilities can list their open shifts and positions and RNs, LPNs, and PAs can schedule themselves directly to fill in.

Solving the Healthcare Staffing Crisis, One State at a Time

32% of Florida’s temporary jobs are in healthcare, more than any other sector. With new full-time, part-time, and temporary clinical and senior care positions constantly opening up, healthcare providers are having a hard time hiring fast enough to meet their communities’ needs. That’s why we’re introducing NurseDash to Florida, starting with Tampa. We’ve already helped several communities across Ohio and Texas to staff healthcare facilities better and faster, so now we’re bringing our proven solution into three new states.

Where We Excel

Facilitating great matches between clinicians and their perfect-fit medical establishments

Letting clinicians take charge of their careers and schedule their own shifts

Giving hospitals a trusted place to list last-minute shifts immediately and fill them faster

Dedicated to Helping Leading Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals In Florida

We’re starting off in Tampa, but planning to expand further into Florida. Keep an eye on our markets page as we continue to grow and help more senior care providers and nurses!

A Better Way to Staff Has Arrived in Florida

NurseDash is operating in select cities in Florida. We’re always looking for opportunities to continue to expand into the areas that need us. Do you have shift needs in different Florida locations? Please get in touch with us and let us know.

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