Review and Select a Qualified Staff for Your Surgery Center

Post-op surgery care requires appropriate, dedicated staffing, and identifying a qualified team that you can rely on isn’t easy considering the current lack of nursing talent. This leads to difficulty in assigning schedules and filling staffing needs. NurseDash solves this by allowing you to connect with clinicians through our healthcare marketplace.

Our Top Benefits for Nurses and Healthcare Systems

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Post shifts on an as-needed basis


Schedule shifts days, weeks, or months in advance


Search clinicians that are qualified for your shifts


Choose from qualified clinicians, ensuring high levels of patient care


Save on recruiting and hiring costs


Assists clinicians in understanding where to go and who to talk to

Benefits of NurseDash for Your Surgery Center

  • You get verified, qualified talent for your open shifts for less
  • NurseDash provides clinicians with paychecks and insurance
  • All clinicians have gone through background screenings
  • Clinician credentials and licenses are monitored regularly
  • No hidden fees — save money while maintaining expert care
  • NurseDash ensures the clinicians you get understand what’s expected of them

Let NurseDash Make Your Life Easier

Find the healthcare professionals you need to keep your surgery center running smoothly.

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