Q & A with LaKeisha H., LPN

Q & A with LaKeisha H., LPN

Our Star Clinician for February 2021 is LaKeisha. LaKeisha has been incredibly reliable, dependable, and passionate about what she does — which are vital characteristics for an LPN. She has been with NurseDash since May 11, 2020 and she has completed 63 shifts with us. So, we wanted to see what her experience has been like so far:

NurseDash: How do you make ND work for your lifestyle?

LaKeisha H.: Being able to make my own schedule is what I am looking for and it worked out perfectly because I get to work what days I need and not work on days I don’t!

ND: What has been your experience working with our facilities and communities?

LH: It’s been great, I like to jump between just a couple places and I love the staff that works there. I have built good relationships.

ND: Did the relationships you built help you get shifts at the same places?

LH: Absolutely — I established a great rapport with the DON (Director of Nursing), and Directors of Residential Services. Many have asked me to come onboard, but I like having the ability to make my own schedule with NurseDash. That’s what I was looking for because I am busy with life and in school.

ND: School! We love working with students! What are you studying?

LH: I am going back for my RN.

ND: What is it like picking up shifts while balancing everything else?

LH: I like being able to go into an app and apply — I don’t have to call or wait on a call about openings because the app is very user friendly and straightforward. Also, since I have a relationship with the facilities already, I get selected quickly. I was previously working at a place where I made more money, but I prefer to stay with NurseDash because of the experience and the flexibility. It’s a good trade-off for me.

ND: What’s your favorite thing about being an LPN? How did you get into it?

LH: The healthcare field chose me, I didn’t choose it. Since I was young I’ve always taken care of people and I am the go-to person and mediator. I have this humble spirit and since high school I knew this is what I wanted to do. I was an STNA for many years and worked in a group home, as a medical assistant, in clinics and helped run an urgent care. I have taken things step by step.

ND: What are your future goals?

LH: After I get my RN, I plan on getting my master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner. I want to eventually work in the Women’s Health field. I worked at Planned Parenthood years ago and noticed that women seemed to be lacking in healthcare services. Women that we cared for needed a lot of guidance, counseling, and education. A lot of patience is just needed to help with education. I want to help women to learn about their bodies and how to take care of their bodies properly. It’s at Planned Parenthood where I developed a passion for women’s health.

That being said, I love spending time with the elderly. I love just sitting and listening to their stories. That’s often what they need most and I really enjoy that.

ND: It seems like you focus on the mental as well as physical!

LH: Absolutely, that’s what the patients need. Especially the elderly, A lot of them don’t have families so you become their family. By going to the same facilities I get to maintain the relationships with the residents. I worked in behavioral health for about six years, so I have all this prior knowledge coming into being an LPN.

ND: What was your first experience with NurseDash like?

LH: It took a little bit of time to get established and build rapport with facilities. But it’s been smooth since that initial hurdle.

I have a special needs son that requires me to be home a lot. So, NurseDash works well for us.

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