COVID19 Resources

COVID19 Resources


To keep everyone safe…

Health care facilities and senior care communities have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. As all of them are trying to adapt to this new normal by introducing new protocols for checking symptoms of their patients and employees, NurseDash has also been working hard to do our part for our clinicians on the platform.


When you open your NurseDash app, you will see new survey screens asking you questions about your health, possible exposure, and covid19 testing. The intend of this weekly survey tool is to allow us to check in with you and also provide resources when we see you might need help. This tool will provide our healthcare facilities and senior care communities confidence in  all of the NurseDash clinicians. More importantly, when you inform us about your possible symptoms or related discomforts, we will be able to provide you resources for testing and other supports.

As a clinician to care for others, it is imperative to have a complete assessment of your own well-being before extending your care. We are only safe from the virus if ALL of us are safe.

Together We Can Overcome!

Once again, we would like to thank you for all of your dedication and will continue to share at this blog our innovative solutions to serve you and our clients.

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