Empowering the Future of Nursing: How NurseDash’s Scholarship Supported Aareyionna’s LVN Journey

Empowering the Future of Nursing: How NurseDash’s Scholarship Supported Aareyionna’s LVN Journey

Empowering the Future of Nursing: How NurseDash’s Scholarship Supported Aareyionna’s LVN Journey

In March 2023, Aareyionna Williams, a determined nursing student at The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) in Houston, TX, was awarded the Nursing Scholarship from the NurseDash Career Advancement Program. Set to complete her LVN program by the end of this year, she is just months away from reaching a significant milestone in her healthcare journey. This follows our June 2023 blog post where we briefly touched upon her educational experience. At NurseDash, we’re not just a staffing platform; we’re a community that deeply invests in the lives of future healthcare professionals. It’s a privilege to be a part of Aareyionna’s journey, especially as she navigates through unique challenges to make her mark in the nursing field.

Starting the Journey Amidst Adversities

Aareyionna began her healthcare career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Chicago, Illinois, right out of high school. She had started nursing school earlier but was unable to complete the program due to unforeseen circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of her grandmother. Despite these setbacks, she knew it was time for her to get back into the program. She understood that advancing in her career was not just about her own growth, but also about providing better for her children.

The NurseDash Scholarship Experience: In Aareyionna’s Words

Even though Aareyionna couldn’t engage in per diem shifts through NurseDash during the school year due to a lack of family support and class schedule, she was a deserving recipient of our scholarship. “I feel like the scholarship was a really great process. It was smooth. It wasn’t too much. The check came directly to the school. It was just a smooth process,” Aareyionna expresses. This financial aid played a pivotal role in her academic pursuits, freeing her from financial burdens.

The College of Health Care Professions: A Pillar of Support

Aareyionna speaks highly of her experience at CHCP. “It’s been a great learning experience. They work with you; they understand you. As long as you communicate with them, it’s okay. I’d recommend the school to other people,” she shares. The institution’s supportive environment complements our values at NurseDash, and has been integral in molding Aareyionna’s character and skills.

Aareyionna’s Wisdom: Key Qualities for Success in Nursing

When asked about the essential skills for succeeding in a nursing program, Aareyionna highlighted:

  • Time Management: “You have to have a schedule and be motivated.”
  • Self-Motivation: “You have to want it. It’s easy to lose motivation, but you have to keep going.”
  • Stress Management: “You definitely have to be able to deal with stress.”

She believes that possessing these skills helps one endure the rigors of a nursing program, stressing that “life is going to be life, so you might as well push through and get it over with.”

Aareyionna’s Advice to Future Students

“I feel like you could never be too prepared for nursing school. Just be determined, be focused, and never give up, no matter what faces you,” Aareyionna passionately advises prospective students.

The Road Ahead

Post-graduation, Aareyionna aims to earn her BSN degree and create resources that offer practical support to others—goals that we at NurseDash wholeheartedly endorse.


Aareyionna’s positive experience with CHCP and the impact of the NurseDash scholarship epitomize how educational institutions and financial support can make a difference in building nursing careers. NurseDash and our Career Advancement Program remain committed to enabling more success stories like Aareyionna’s, furthering our mission to uplift the nursing community and contribute to cost-effective healthcare.

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