NurseDash Is Solving a Nationwide Problem

Struggling to staff your facilities? You’re not alone. The healthcare staffing shortage is affecting healthcare facilities nationwide. Facilities aren’t able to fully vet incoming staff ahead of time, making it difficult to trust that they’re getting a high-quality worker.

The traditional agency model doesn’t align well between the clinicians filling the shifts and the facility, either — leading to lower quality care and poor patient and employee satisfaction. That’s why we built NurseDash — to help you fill open shifts due to team members on vacation, unexpected volume surges, or a hiring freeze.

Get Your Clinicians at the Touch of a Button

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We’re different from a staffing agency — we’re a healthcare marketplace.


Maintain your facility’s quality of patient care and better navigate seasonal volatility without the need to hire additional full-time staff.


Facilities using NurseDash see a 30% cost savings on average compared to those using a traditional staffing agency.


NurseDash clinicians go through background screenings as well as credential and license monitoring to ensure you get the most qualified staff.

Why Use NurseDash at Your Facility?

  • Advertise open shifts directly to qualified clinicians and fill them quickly
  • Review and select the clinicians you want for your staffing needs
  • Better qualified nurses cost you less money with no hidden fees
  • Get direct access to motivated and experienced healthcare workers
  • Our clinicians understand where they’re going and what they’re doing
  • Only book us when you need to — tomorrow or a few months from now
  • Bring clinicians on full-time without having to pay an agency fee for hiring them

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