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Achieve Work-Life Balance with the Right Shifts

Looking for work that matches your schedule and your life? It can be hard to find shifts that meet your needs. If you find a shift worth taking, receiving the information the night before makes it hard to know where to go, who to report to, or what to expect. NurseDash is your solution for finding great shifts that support your work-life balance goals.

NurseDash shifts

What is NurseDash?

  • No minimum hours or number of shifts are required
  • Pick the shifts that best fit your needs and schedule
  • Direct booking means you get paid more for your work
  • NurseDash is an on-demand healthcare marketplace
  • Search the right shifts for your work-life balance goals
  • Our platform lets you choose how you work and when


How NurseDash Works

Apply now to start your application and get approved

View available shifts from healthcare facilities

Apply to shifts convenient for your schedule

After you apply for a shift, the facility will review your profile

If selected, you’ll get an in-app notification and email confirmation

Payments are direct deposited on a weekly basis

No placement fee if you take a full-time job with a facility you meet through NurseDash

Start your application today!

As soon as you are approved, you can start picking up shifts.


Want to learn out more about NurseDash?

Check out our FAQs to find answers and contact us!