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How Can On-Demand Shifts for Nurses Change Your Career?

How Can On-Demand Shifts for Nurses Change Your Career?

Building Your Own Schedule Can Allow You to Feel More In Control

If you want to pick up extra shifts, how do you find opportunities that fit with your schedule? And how do you remain in control of when and where you work? It can be difficult to find this kind of flexibility within your current healthcare facility, but new technology is making it easier than ever to have the work schedule you want while also being able to continue pursuing your career as a nurse.

On-demand shifts for nurses are a great way to take back control of your work schedule. Instead of operating off of when and where a nursing manager or administrator tell you to work, on demand shifts are ones that you select at the times and hours that you want to work.

When you take on-demand shifts, you’re filling holes in a facilities schedule where they need someone to come in because another nurse has called off, or their floor is short staffed. You may have already experienced this situation when a staffing agency nurse was called in to fill an empty shift on your floor.

Speaking of staffing agencies, on-demand shifts for nurses might sound similar to working with a staffing agency, and while it is the same idea, nurses are able to identify and select open shifts in their area without having to work through a recruiter. Instead, the technology acts as the middleman and allows for open communication between the nurse and the facility that they’re interested in working at. Plus, this technology makes it a lot more affordable to bring in nurses, so facilities are more willing to bring these nurses onto their staff for the day — and you’re able to make more money per shift.

This also means that you’re able to have a clear understanding of where you’ll be going, what floor they’ll be on, and who they’ll be reporting to. This means once you arrive for work, your focus can immediately be on performing at your best instead of figuring out where you’re supposed to be going.

Why Do Nurses Choose to Work On-Demand Shifts?

So, along with the control over your schedule, what’s the benefit of using on-demand shifts? With the nursing shortage being a prevalent issue within the healthcare industry, many nurses are feeling the added stress and responsibility if their teams are short. This might mean having to pick up voluntary overtime, additional patients, or having to float to departments that might need more staff. This can quickly lead to a disrupted work-life balance, and feeling like you’re no longer satisfied in your job.

It’s a frustrating and emotionally taxing situation to be in. As a nurse, caring for people is your calling, and it’s what you want to be doing, but outside factors within the facility where you work make it difficult to find the same enjoyment that you used to.

This is where on-demand shifts can really make a difference. For nurses who are looking to regain a work-life balance, or want to work in an environment where they have full control over where and when they work — on-demand shifts can make a huge difference. By building your own schedule you can continue to make time for the things that you value outside of work while still actively pursuing your career.

With technology platforms like NurseDash, nurses can use an intuitive app to identify facilities that have open shifts in their area. NurseDash allows nurses to schedule whenever they want, whether they want to work once a week or once a month, there’s no minimum number of hours or shifts you have to work. Plus, you’ll be able to get paid through the service on a weekly basis, so you’ll be able to easily earn money while working the schedule that you want.

Nursing is a demanding field, but it doesn’t have to fully take over your life. With NurseDash, clinicians at any level can work the way they want to while still feeling fulfilled in their career. And getting started is easy. All you have to do is sign up and fill out your profile, then download the app to start viewing available shifts in your area. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us and get started with NurseDash today.

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