Not Your Average Nurse Staffing Agency in Pittsburgh

A Direct, Online Solution to Recruiting Healthcare Staff

Like many other cities, medical professionals are in high demand and Pittsburgh still faces nursing staff shortages amid Covid-19 across their hospitals. With more nurses than ever quitting to work with nurse-traveling agencies in Pennsylvania, what can hospitals do to make sure their facilities run smoothly? By meeting nurses and other healthcare professionals directly with our online platform, NurseDash helps senior care facilities and hospitals fill vacancies and better manage resources.

As healthcare professionals, we know you need a per diem work schedule that you are in complete control of. Build out a schedule with the hospitals of your choice to reduce burnout and increase work-life balance and pay. With our network of hospitals across the country, we provide an easy-to-use platform with the most competitive opportunities. Unlike any other nurse staffing agency in Pittsburgh, NurseDash helps qualified medical staff make their own schedule online by finding the right healthcare facility fit.

What We Do Best

Fill open shifts in healthcare facilities faster than a nurse staffing agency with innovative technology.

Healthcare technology is the way of the future. Continue to grow by partnering clinicians with healthcare facilities at scale with our online platform.

Connect clinicians and hospitals across Pittsburgh to directly manage workflow and medical resources.

Nurses and other healthcare workers get the benefit of finding the right opportunity with increased pay, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation.

A Better Way Has Arrived in PA

We offer a direct way for hospitals and retirement homes to manage medical staff, and a better way for healthcare staff to build an on-demand schedule. Whether you’re a hospital looking to fill open shifts, or a nurse looking for a new schedule, NurseDash can help you achieve your goal.

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