Medical Staffing Agencies in Tampa Compete Against Hospitals for Top Talent

Our Platform Easily Matches Medical Facilities and Clinicians

The NurseDash creators once worked full-time in the medical field — and we didn’t like what we saw from staffing agencies. The accepted agency model created a disconnect between healthcare professionals searching for jobs and healthcare providers looking to fill full-time positions and temporary shifts, even preventing them from interacting one-on-one outside of the facility. That’s why we’re excited to be expanding our platform’s reach, so Florida healthcare locations and healthcare professionals will have a better option than using traditional medical staffing agencies in Tampa.

With the largest healthcare systems in Tampa heavily affected by the national healthcare staffing crisis, the time for a better staffing model is now. Our instant platform allows senior care facilities and other healthcare providers to list jobs and last-minute shifts to fill easily, and gives them access to top clinical talent much faster. And on the healthcare professionals’ side, nurses and other medical professionals can sign up to fill shifts on their own terms — only working where and when they want to.

Our Top Benefits for Nurses and Healthcare Systems

Our platform facilitates better, faster connections between professionals and facilities.

Never worry about being left under-staffed with immediate access to vetted clinicians.

Professionals have more control over their careers, scheduling themselves for shifts.

A Better Way to Staff is in Tampa Now!

Whether you’re a senior care facility looking to fill open shifts, or a healthcare professional looking for a schedule that matches your life goals, NurseDash is here to help.

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