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All of Your Medical Staffing Options, When You Need Them

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 2.6 million new healthcare jobs will be needed in the next 10 years. With healthcare workers only rising in demand, hospitals across Columbus need nurses, physician assistants, and senior care staff in response to the many ongoing medical crises.

NurseDash is here to rethink medical staffing options for both healthcare professionals looking for opportunities and hospitals needing another set of hands. For much less than a traditional nursing agency in Columbus, Ohio, your healthcare and residential care facility directly fills open shifts with an easy-to-use scheduling platform. Nurses and other healthcare workers now have the access they need to fill short-term shifts and find a better fit for long-term employment.

Our Benefits

Solve your medical staffing shortage by directly filling your open, last-minute shifts with proven, trusted clinicians.

Unlike traditional nursing agencies in Columbus, we don’t take a cut out of finding the right match. If your temporary nurse is a great fit, onboard your new hire without a placement fee.

As a nurse or physician assistant, you get to increase your pay as you gain access to a large database of jobs; get paid weekly and work where and when you want.

Clinicians looking to fill their schedules have exclusive access to opportunities at highly-rated healthcare organizations.

More Than Your Average Nursing Agency in Columbus, Ohio

Whether you’re a retirement home or a healthcare organization looking for qualified practitioners to fill last-minute shifts, or a clinician trying to find a work schedule that matches your life goals, NurseDash is here to help.

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