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You work hard to take care of others, and deserve to live life on your terms. Gain access to shifts that fit your lifestyle, and say hello to a healthy work-life balance. The NurseDash app allows you to work whenever you want, wherever you want, and select shifts with the pay that you want.


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The healthcare workforce is changing quickly, with about half looking to make the switch to flexible work. NurseDash helps you fill shifts with caring, vetted talent. Whether you’re staffing up in advance or filling a shift last-minute, our dependable NDPros are here to help give patients the care they deserve.


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We believe that timely, personalized care is a non-negotiable. Our dedicated support team cares about you, which is why we pride ourselves on the speed in which we respond to each and every person who reaches out.

“I love knowing that anytime I reach out to support, they are super fast to respond. I know that I can trust them.”

Cheryl P. Dallas NDPro


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From Our Community

I love working for NurseDash! Being able to create my own schedule and spend more time with my family is such a blessing. NurseDash has the best rates and same day pay which is AMAZING! The app is easy to navigate and anytime I run into another NurseDash worker at a facility they're always happy and proud to say they work for the company. When I've needed to call NurseDash with any questions, their support team has always very kind and quick to help.
Tiffany K.
NurseDash is a great platform to work with, especially during the pandemic. I am in NP school, so the flexible schedule that I have with this company is very important. There are local contracts available, if needed. The pay rate is very competitive and the best I've found for PRN work. They assist medical professionals of many disciples and different types of nursing. I actually love NurseDash. Emily is also amazing!!!
Andrian H.
NurseDash always has many shifts/facilities to choose from. There's always work and the app is excellent/user-friendly. Would highly recommend NurseDash.
Lisa J.
It has been amazing working with NurseDash now for some years. Every platform has their ups and downs but, to tell you the truth, NurseDash listens to you, makes the changes and they respond to issues as fast as possible . Special thanks to Jeffrick and others in the team who keep things rolling on the positive side. It gives me joy giving them five stars with no contemplation
Nikoline E.
I originally was a bit hesitant about joining a shift app. However, as I gained more knowledge in my role I felt confident that it was worth a try. I've now been working for NurseDash full time for over a year. I am very intentional about my rating and performance so that helps me stay accountable. I enjoy the fact that real life situations happen and I don't have to worry about being penalized for those things as long as I have supportive documentation. Designing my schedule based off my son and Is needs was the best thing I could have done. The facilities I've worked at are not run down. They are clean. I enjoy knowing I am not taking home any critters I didn't come there with. My experience has been positive. Best decision I have made thus far. Kacie and I have become very acquainted with one another as I've been learning the NurseDash process. She is very resourceful. Love her
Lokie Y.
My experience with NurseDash has been interesting but yet fulfilling! I work a full-time job elsewhere so when I want to pick up extra it's not a problem with NurseDash! The whole entire hiring process went smoothly and picking up shifts and getting paid is as hassle-free anyone can get!!! Great job NurseDash!!!
Tamika B.
I had a wonderful experience with NurseDash. They were very responsive and worked with us, as a team, to get our shifts covered. Emily was amazing! I know there would be an immediate response if I had to call in or needed help with a last minute or long term issue. They helped us arrange orientation to get acclimated to our hospitals and documentation system. I can't say enough about the partnership we shared and how much we appreciated their help during this difficult staffing time.
Robin S.
I love working for this company! Adam is super responsive for any questions or issues that I have. Cancellations are never a concern! 10/10 recommend this company
Belinda L.
I absolutely enjoy working for NurseDash. I have been met with amazing professional communication from the admins and have had a great level of facilities I've been able to assist. Matt, the OP Manager, is very diligent with responding to any concerns as well as checking in on the clinicians. I definitely recommend NurseDash to anyone who enjoys helping people.
Kristal J.
Working for NurseDash has been a pleasure. They are the only agency I work for and I am still able to maintain enough hours weekly. Easy clock in and clock out process. It has never been a hassle to contact staff when situations arise. They are always available. Thank You NurseDash !!!
Ronesha A.
Being a CNA with NurseDash has been great. Whenever there is an issue I can reach out to them and they immediately help to solve it. I have truly enjoyed being apart of the NurseDash family
Dwaila J.
NurseDash is a really great staffing platform. The pay is great. If you have a problem with a shift or facility they do their best to fix the problem. They're pretty structured.
Janis L.
The application process was nice and easy. My recruiter is prompt with getting back to me about any questions I may have. Loving the platform with great rates and weekly pay. The daily cash out option is great for possible emergencies as well!!!
Amanda H.
I absolutely love NurseDash. I've never had any problems with pay, customer service etc... Great platform! I would highly recommend if you're looking for a great healthcare marketplace for employees or facility!
Kefa M.
My recruiter has always been extremely responsive, accessible and proactive. I feel he always looking out for me and my best interest. The NurseDash app is incredibly easy to use and the instant chat with service reps has been invaluable. No other platform or recruiter compares.
Misty S.
NurseDash has been the best healthcare marketplace I've worked with. They offer a diversity of shifts so it's not the same old, same old routine. They have your paycheck available no less than 30 minutes after you clock out. NurseDash is my top platform to go through!
Megan H.
Being a staffing coordinator at a Senior Nursing Facility is difficult on its own, having NurseDash makes my job a million times easier. Matt at NurseDash is always attentive to my needs, very friendly and successfully staffs my facility without any problem. No matter the difficulty of my demand he always goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied and we are!
Tonya H
Brookdale Senior Living
NurseDash always has many shifts/facilities to choose from. There’s always work and the app is excellent/user friendly. Would highly recommend.
Lisa J
I highly recommend NursDash. Onboarding was an ease. Picking up shifts and getting work is very easy, compared to other apps. Communicating with NurseDash team members is easily done in the app. Daily pay is available and very convenient.
Mimi R
This has been such a great company to work for and I love the passion behind the employees trying to help all of the NurseDash markets and candidates. The platform itself is such a convenience for the busy clinician and truly gives the freedom of work/life balance.
Michelle E
The quality of the nurses has surprised me the most – we had 1 out of 5 star rating with agency, now we have 4 out of 5 with NurseDash. They definitely do not have the typical agency mentality, the nurses act like they are part of our team going above and beyond.
Angela N.
Working for NurseDash has been the best decision of my Nursing career! The NurseDash team is amazing and always so helpful. There are a variety of shifts and the app is very easy to use.
Leah N.
Registered Nurse
NurseDash is an even better choice, than an agency, because it allows you to pick only the shifts that you want, which means more freedom and I don’t have to stay with one area or one facility.
Ashley P.
Registered Nurse
NurseDash sends us quality candidates! The feature I like the most is being able to see who is available, and to also have the option to choose someone who worked with us before if they are available for the shift.
Deby P.
Chief Nursing Officer
I have completed seven shifts and really enjoy using the app. Thank you!
Samantha S.
Registered Nurse

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