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The Test of Academic Skills (TEAS) is an entrance exam used by many nursing programs in the United States. The exam assesses your academic potential and provides the school with a clear picture of your performance in higher education.

The TEAS is just one step of the application process you must complete before beginning nursing school. Check out these common questions about the TEAS.

The TEAS is commonly used by LPN/LVN and RN programs.

The TEAS is a timed, electronic test taken on a computer. It’s broken into four sections – Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. Question types include:

  • Multiple choice – choose one correct answer from a list of possible answers
  • Multiple select – select all that apply
  • Ordered response – drag and drop answers to a question in the right order or ranking
  • Fill in the blank – a phrase or sentence with a blank space where you’ll provide the missing word or words
  • Hot spots – a type of question that lets you mark a specific area of an image as the correct answer

You’ll answer a total of 170 questions. Each section consists of the following:

Reading – 45 questions, 6 unscored questions, 55 minutes maximum time allowed

Content covered:

  • Key ideas and details (15 questions)
  • Craft and structure (9 questions)
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas (15 questions)

Mathematics – 38 questions, 4 unscored questions, 57 minutes maximum time allowed

Content covered:

  • Numbers and algebra (18 questions)
  • Measurement and data (16 questions)

Science – 50 questions, 6 unscored questions, 60 minutes maximum time allowed

Content covered:

  • Human anatomy and physiology (18 questions)
  • Biology (9 questions)
  • Chemistry (8 questions)
  • Scientific reasoning (9 questions)

English – 37 questions, 4 unscored questions, 37 minutes maximum time allowed

Content covered:

  • Conventions of standard English (12 questions)
  • Knowledge of language (11 questions)
  • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing (10 questions)

Each school determines an acceptable score. Check with the admissions office before you take the test, so you know what score you need for entrance into the program.

The cost of the test varies by where you take it. On average, the exam costs around $115. If you take the test at an institution or testing center, there may be additional costs related to proctors, rooms, or scheduling fees. You can find more information about scheduling and costs on the ATI website.

The TEAS can be challenging, but many resources are available to help you prepare. Check out these test prep ideas with suggested resources:

Complete a prep course and take as many timed practice tests as possible.

  • ATI offers free practice tests and several paid prep courses that include resources like study manuals, practice questions, and tutorials.
  • Smart Edition offers a free practice test and a paid online course with practice tests, video lessons, flashcards, and more.
  • Study.com offers a paid prep course with video l

Watch test prep videos on YouTube.

  • There are many TEAS prep videos on YouTube. Look for videos from reputable companies like those by Smart Edition Nursing.

Join a Facebook prep group.

  • Facebook groups are a great way to connect with others taking the test. Look for a large, active TEAS support community to find great resources and ask others what helped them score high on the test.


Make A Plan

You might want to dive right in and start studying. However, it’s like practicing your baseball swing with a golf club without a plan! To make your plan, ask yourself these three questions:

  • How many weeks do I have to study? (We recommend taking six weeks)
  • What subjects make me worry the most?
  • What resources do I have/need to study?

Plot out each subject across the six weeks. Build in repetition, which means you should study all subjects throughout the six-week study period, so you study each subject more than once. To make the most of your study plan, organize your resources, find a quiet place to study, and map out your plan on a calendar. Schedule at least two hours of study time daily for six weeks to be well-prepared

Get To Know The TEAS Exam

Get to know the ins and outs of the exam. Understand the test format, subjects covered, and the types of questions you’ll take. This strategy helps you fully understand what might be on the exam so you can prepare the best way.

Take TEAS Practice Tests

The best practice tests mimic the real test you’re taking. To get the most out of your practice tests, find timed ones with the same types of questions as what’s on the entrance exam. It’s a good idea to practice your time management skills during every practice exam to ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions. Feeling confident you can make it through all the questions will help reduce your stress levels on exam day.

Take TEAS Practice Tests


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