Welcome to NurseDash!

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What’s next, you ask?

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Get Scheduled in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Apply

Find the shift you want and apply in the NurseDash app.

Step 2: Wait to be Selected

You will get notified by text message and email when you are selected.

Step 3: Confirm!

Use the app to confirm for the shift. That's it, you are scheduled!

Helpful Videos

Applying for Shifts

Getting confirmed takes 3 steps:
1) Apply for a shift in the app
2) Wait to be selected
3) Confirm the shift in the app
Watch this video to learn how to apply!

Checking In & Out

For every shift, you must check in and out on the app.

You will have to be within the facility premises to be able to check in/out.

This video demonstrates how to check in/out in the app!

Updating Notification Preferences

Want to see more shifts? Watch this video to learn how.

Once you have changed the notification settings, you must tap “save” and refresh the “find shift” tab by pulling down on the page.

Have questions about NurseDash? We have answers!