Is NuseDash a staffing agency?

NurseDash is not an agency.  We are a marketplace empowering clinicians to sign up per diem shifts based on your schedule with ease of technology.  

  • We don’t have minimum shift/hour requirement of the nurses and techs picking up shifts through the platform like staff agencies do with their agency nurses.
  • If you want to join one of the NurseDash affiliated facilities on a full time basis, NurseDash encourages you to apply and would not get in your way by charging facility costly placement or finder’s fee.
  • Make extra income for that special occasion or enhancing your lifestyle whenever you want.


Why should I join NuseDash?

  • Premium rates;
  • Pick up shifts based on your schedule;
  • You can work at all of NurseDash’s affiliated facilities in the city with single credentialing  and background checking process;
  • Clinician centric platform;
  • The trusted platform to view available per diem shifts in your city;
  • No minimum shift requirements, it’s there to use when you’re interested/available to pick up extra shifts


What does the on-boarding process look like?

Four steps to on-boarding:

Step 1: Initial Discussion- we want to know your experience and background and help you know more about us through a questionnaire and screening interview.

Step 2: Background check and drug screening. We take care of the cost.

Step 3: Final document submission.

Step 4: Download the app: approved NurseDash user will be able to start browsing and applying for shifts after downloading the app.


Just joined NurseDash? Download the NurseDash App to start browsing and applying for shifts:

Please see below to download NurseDash app:

Once downloaded, login using your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn login, please create one.

*Please note, we use your LinkedIn login in order to authenticate your identity. No information from your profile is used or shared with the facilities.  


Have a question for a facility about a shift?

When a facility selects you for a shift, you can directly chat with the facility through our in-app message function.  If needed, the facility will set up an orientation shift (paid) before your first shift. We will also be sending you orientation packets for each facility which include info on point-of-contact, scrubs, parking, etc.


How do I clock in and clock out of a Shift?

Technology enabled process to let you clock in/out of a shift under the “Clock-In” tab in the NurseDash app.


Where do I park?

Parking instructions will be provided on the facility orientation packet.  Or you can also obtain the info by contacting facility via our messaging function on the app.


How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid through direct deposit on a weekly basis on Friday.